"I met BFIT. because I wanted to start a workout that would prepare me for the Spartan Race. Already during the cognitive meeting, Gianluca proved to be prepared, professional and courteous. After 2 months of training, we have achieved significant progress. So my experience is more than positive.
I got improvement in terms of strength and endurance for the exercises related to the use of the arms (in which I was lacking). A general increase in physical resistance and a decrease in the sense of fatigue.
I would recommend BFIT. because you are really training and the instructors (in my case Gianluca) motivate you by helping / encouraging you to give your best, to achieve your goals. "

Arianna S.

"After years with different sporting activities and the boredom that loomed slowly, this new physical activity has managed to get me excited again. My first time was traumatic but from the second time I felt my body responding more and more and since then my goal is to overcome myself by going beyond my limits.
Beyond the physical results that depend both on the positive and on the negative, the benefits that have made me more performing are in terms of balance, strength, speed, agility and endurance.
The great professional trainer, so much cordiality and so much enthusiasm. I would recommend BFIT. for his complete workouts that offer 360 ° benefits. "

Mirco M.

" My experience has been positive. I was happy with the assigned food plan. The plan led to an acceleration of metabolism, also reducing my digestive problems. I found more energy in training with a positive effect on fat and lean mass.
RESULTS: reduction in fat mass, greater muscle toning and more energy in training.
BFIT Council. because I saw the benefits on myself. It is not a "DIET" but a new philosophy of well-being."

Ottone LM.

"Positive experience, I had a great time. I got my results. The trainer is professional, attentive, precise. He follows you scrupulously.
I advise! And you feel at ease. "

Stefania S.

" I found myself very well, it's the kind of training I was looking for. The coach is professional and well trained in his disciplines. Results obtained both from the aesthetic point of view and in the performances. I would recommend BFIT. because it is not the usual static training, it is fun, motivating and satisfying in practicing it."

Paolo P.

" BFIT. has exceeded my expectations. I am extremely satisfied with the path followed so far and I will certainly continue to follow the program. In my opinion it is the perfect combination of training and nutrition. I was able to see positive results immediately. Energy, positive charge, grit and adrenaline are definitely guaranteed, all seasoned with the professionalism of the coach who follows you and spurs you constantly. I recommend it to all those who are looking for a valid program and want to get visible results in a short time."

Sara M.

" I found the exercises very well and the explanations were very clear and very detailed. Great results achieved. The trainer is very professional and stimulating. I would recommend Bfit because the platform is well maintained and very intuitive, the exercises are well explained and carefully detailed, the diets are personal and studied on the body of the athlete who will follow them. Until now, I had a great time, I managed to get a lot of results both physically and aesthetically without making drastic diets. Thanks Gianluca."

Mirko DL.