Alterning V-Crunch hands upwards X24 reps tot.

(Perform the movement keeping the scapulae contracted and the legs extended with the toes pointing forward. Perform an alternate crunch always returning to the starting position before performing the next repetition with the other leg).

Rotations on Bars in Hanging Leg 

X12 tot. 

(Keep the position id to the bars, keeping your legs extended raise them sideways to draw a circle. Once in the L-Sit position, complete the rotation by going down the other side. All without losing the setting).

Elbow Crunch X24

(Hold your palms and elbows on the ground, shoulder blades tightened and with your legs together make a crunch; the legs must be one-handed from the ground).

T2B (Feet on Bar)/Hanging Legs raise ABS on Bar straight legs X12

(In the trim position, lift the legs together as if to bring the feet to touch the bar; alternatively perform the abdominals with the legs extended and portal upwards to the height of the navel).

Corner Raise on Bar X16 tot.

(From the trim position he performs an oblique crunch thinking to make the heels rise towards the oblique abdominals; on the way back pass through the basic position of extended legs)

Lateral Standing Crunch (Rings or Bar) X16 reps tot.

(Grabbing the rings it blocks the position and makes a side twist without moving the trunk).